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Precision Public Relations is a strategic communications and marketing firm run by a team with 60 plus years of combined experience effectively telling stories and getting those stories in front of key audiences. Our clients are the innovators, movers and shakers in their respective fields, and we make sure the world knows it.

Reputation Management

Consumers rule the marketplace. It’s more important than ever to manage a company or individual's greatest asset – their reputation. We take a proactive approach in this process, focusing on positive messaging to shift focus away from anything that may be perceived as negative.

Media Relations

At the heart of our service platform is traditional PR, building a broad base of positive print, broadcast and online media coverage for our clients.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience

We are dedicated to producing excellent results for our clients from day one, from the first day of

Our focus has always been on building an agency that encourages creative energy. We hire people with a sincere drive to innovate. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we devise plans that always keep one thing in mind, how to increase the bottom line of any company we represent.  We are dedicated to producing excellent results for our clients from day one, from the first day of working together we go for the gold. Many of our clients see press within the first week of working with us, most receive multiple placements a month. We implement strategic communications plans that always keep our clients core goals in the forefront. No matter what, we believe our success is directly correlated to our clients success .

Building Great Reputations

Once you have a proper foundation in the form of a vocal, insightful spokesperson, you must also integrate a strategic, consistent campaign to establish a thought leadership platform. A strong PR team is the key to nurturing, developing and expanding credibility in the marketplace because it acts as a guide through the nuanced world of communicating with media, customer and internal audiences. To effectively marry the consistent, tactical elements with higher-level insight on compelling messaging, you need a strategic PR team to put out consistent articles.

Earned, Not Purchased

Our team has long-standing relationships with reporters in all sectors of media that cover a wide variety of fields. In addition to local and national press we also have contacts at foreign-based publications. Working closely with our clients, we build creative story lines to secure long-lead features in well-know consumer, trade, and business magazines, as well as appearances on  popular TV  programs and in newspapers and prominent online outlets.  


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